I was thinking as of right now Tik Tac has been missing for 4 or 5 years and I was wondering if I could kill her character off which leads to a new arc for the Cat Clan

I was thinking maybe Tik Tac could go to the main base after having it decided I was thinking we give her a medical reason like she has something wrong and that its terminal but Tik Tac being the girl who likes japanese stuff possibly go out in a Kamikaze like way and it will be in the way of some of the older Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Shows they used to do so basically Tik Tac is disguised as a dog very badly of course but then when she gets to the main area she fights the boss which controls the dogs and i was thiking like in up being like a supreme voice or something but she basically brings him to the center of the base and what not and litterally goes waboom on the whole base therefor freeing the dogs and realising there ways they decide to become allies and thats when we introduce a new villain I will let you choose the name and design and what not and maybe get a new team with some old members

What do you think this is the first time in a while I came up with something like this