Sherlock: "Where the heck are we?"
Angel: "I don't know"
Sherlock: "All I see is canyon after canyon"
Sherlock: "Wait! What's that up on that canyon right there?"
Angel: "It looks like a group of cowboys"
Angel: "Or is it?"
Sherlock: "It's the Dogs"
Sherlock: "Take cover! Man the turrets!"
*Catalina jumps on a turret and starts shooting Tuna and Jalapenos*
Sherlock: "We've been hit!"
Sherlock: "We're going down!" *BOOOOOOMMMM*
*wakes up*
Sherlock: "W-where... are we...? What happened..."
Angel: "I don't know"
Sherlock: "Is everyone okay?"
Everyone: "We're good£
Everyone: "A little shaken"
Sherlock: "We're in some sort of... town"
Angel: "It looks deserted"
*Hears rumble*
*tumbleweed rolls by*
Sherlock: "What was that?!"
Angel: "Based on my research it must be the Power Rangers Western"
Sherlock: "Humans!"
Sherlock: "They appear to be wearing some sort of hat?"
Angel: "I heard they help anybody in needs"
Sherlock: "Let's ask them if they can repair the Cat-Mobile"
Angel: "Ok"
Sherlock: "Excuse me, do you know any Starship Repairs around here?"
Human hears: *meow* *meow*
Sherlock: "Whoops I forgot the translator"
*Sherlock turns on the translator*
Sherlock: "Wang chi min hoa ti zin?"
Humans: "What in the name of..."
*Sherlock smashes the translator*
Sherlock: "Oh it's working"
Humans: "IT CAN TALK?!"
*Cowboy pulls out revolver*
Cowboy 1: "What kind of mutant creature are you?"
Angel: "Put that thing down or else I am going to claw you"
Cowboy 2: "Oh yeah? What's that gonna do?"
*Angel jumps and claws them so bad there bleeding*
Cowboys: "AHH HELP ME"
Cowboys: "IT HURTS"
Sherlock: "Er.. Ahem, so I'm Sherlock, this is Angel"
Sherlock: "Catalina is back there"
Sherlock: "and a few members of our team too"
Sherlock: "We are the Cat Clan."
Cowboys: "We are known as Power Rangers Western"
"We fight for justice across the Universe from the evil of Dog Clan..."
Sherlock: "Seems legit"
PR Western: "We do that also except we don't go into space"
Sherlock: "We were wondering if you could repair our ship since it crashed here"
Sherlock: "The Cat-Mobile"
Sherlock: "We were shot down by Dogs"
PR Western: "Ok....?"
Sherlock: "No, really! They shot us down with their dog crap"
PR Western: *glances at ship* "Er.. I don't think we know how to repair that thing..."
Dr Consternent: "I believe in them so lets help them just hop on my horse and I can take you to Neo Dodge City"
"It's a little small don't you think?"
Sherlock: "Ok"
Catalina: "Sherlock, wait"
Catalina: "Can we really trust them, humans?"
Catalina: "We don't even know if they're working with the Dogs"
PR Western: "Trust us"
Sherlock: "Well, it seems we don't have any choice"
Sherlock: "Take us away Mr. Power Ranger Western"
*rides horse to Neo Dodge City* PR Western: "Once we arrive we are going to turn you into humans for a bit"
Sherlock: "WHAT?!"
Sherlock: "How is that even possible?! And why?"
PR Western: "I know it seems strange but we want you guys to blend in"
Sherlock: "Ok, but how about a disguise hologram. We don't need to turn into humans, just look like them"
PR Western: "We don't want Dog Clan coming after you"
PR Western: "Ok"
Otto: "Good thing I brought a few"
*tosses some to Catalina, Angel, Sherlock*
Sherlock: "I'll be a ninja"
PR Western: "Uhh... blend in, remember?"
Sherlock: "Oh sorry lol"
*sees Neo Dodge City*
PR Western: "Its Ok"
PR Western: "Were here"
*hops off horse*
PR Western: "Lets Go to the station"
Sherlock: "Ok, we'll leave the Cat-Mobile in the Horse Cart so you guys can repair it"
Sherlock: "Thanks for helping us, by the way"
Sherlock: "We're used to attacking anything we see, especially Dogs"
PR Western: "Well we have enemies are selves maybe we can work together"
*transmission comes in*
Transmission: "Hey Rangers there has been attacked by what looked like a Dog alien"
Sherlock: "What's the transmission?"
Sherlock: "Rangers were attacked by Dogs?"
PR Western: "Cat Clan I think we know your problem now"
Catalina: "They're so ugly they look like Aliens!"
Sherlock: "Yep"
To Be Continued...

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