Where we last left our Heroes... A transmission was being played... Aliens have allied with Dog Clan in hopes of eliminating their enemies, Cat Clan 9:14 Dragonzeron yeah 9:15 LSCStealthNinja PR Western: So what do we do? What's our strategy? 9:15 Dragonzeron Cody: We help the cat can and maybe doc can repair the ship while there fighting 9:16 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock:Got it Sherlock: Catalina, you stay here and wait for the ship to be repaired. When it is, engage the Aliens. Sherlock: Angel, Mongo, you're coming with me Sherlock: Now let's ride into battle! 9:17 Dragonzeron PR Western: Ok and also we have to do something 9:17 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: What's that? 9:17 Dragonzeron PR Western: Its Morphin Time

  • puts badges on and there ranger forms appear*
  • explosion*

9:20 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: What's your forms? 9:21 Dragonzeron Zach: I am western red Cody: I am Western Blue Elizabeth: I am Western Yellow Connor: I am Western Orange Consternent: I would have been the brown ranger but today i have to repair your ships with catalina 9:24 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Cool Alright, take off your disguises and charge into Battle, Cat Clan CHARGE!!!!!!! 9:24 Dragonzeron PR Western: Lets Go 9:24 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock jumps in the air and stabs an Alien in the back

  • Mongo gets out a bomb and throws it at a ship*

9:25 Dragonzeron

  • The Western shoot at the aliens*

9:25 LSCStealthNinja Behind us! Dogs!

  • Sherlock Does a roundhouse kick*

Dogs go flying

  • The Western pulls out a RPG and shoots it at another ship*
  • Ship crashes*

Dogs and Aliens surround Cat Clan and The Western 9:26 Dragonzeron

  • Western then says that there are monsters near by

9:26 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: NO! We're trapped! Catalina: NOT FOR LONG!!!!!

  • comes in, guns blasting in the Cat-Mobile*

Sherlock: The Cat-Mobile! It's repaired!

  • Catalina lands*

9:27 Dragonzeron Transmission: Yep and i will be arriving shortly 9:27 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Who said that? 9:28 Dragonzeron

  • Consternent arrives*

Consternent: I did 9:28 LSCStealthNinja Consternent pulls out a huge device

  • shoots it*
  • Massive explosion, dogs and aliens go flying everywhere*

9:29 Dragonzeron PR Western: There is a dog mutant here and we need to defeat it 9:29 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Just when I thought it was over! Sherlock: The Dog Mutant Leader 9:30 Dragonzeron PR Western: dont worry we got it taken care of cause our mentor is fighting him now 9:30 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: We might need help Sherlock: Let's go help him

  • runs to the dog mutant leader*

9:31 Dragonzeron PR Western: Lets finish what doc started 9:31 LSCStealthNinja

  • everyone attacks the Dog Mutant*

Sherlock gets out a Katan and slices him in half 9:31 Dragonzeron PR Western: Western Cat Clan Buster 9:32 LSCStealthNinja

  • Angel claws him to death*
  • Catalina blasts him with Tuna and Jalapenos*
  • Dog Mutant falls down dead*

9:32 Dragonzeron

  • He then explodes:

9:33 LSCStealthNinja

  • alien slime goes everywhere*

9:33 Dragonzeron PR Western: The battle is not over yet 9:33 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Who's left?! 9:33 Dragonzeron PR Western: its Mecha time PR Western: Would you guys mind joining us in the mecha with your ship 9:34 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Sure! But what's the Mecha...? 9:35 Dragonzeron PR Western: Its a giant robot 9:35 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Cool! I want one of these except a little more our size 9:36 Dragonzeron PR Western: No time for talk now lets do it Wild West Megazord assemble 9:37 LSCStealthNinja

  • Cat Clan watches*

9:37 Dragonzeron

  • The zords then start to combine and then they teleport the cat clan in*

PR Western: Can you guys add your ship to the combo 9:40 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: So how do we control this thing?

  • Catalina adds ship to the combo*
  • Catalina is teleported inside*

9:41 Dragonzeron PR Western: we will control it all you need to do is to get ready for a big attack 9:42 LSCStealthNinja Cat Clan: go it

  • got it

9:43 Dragonzeron PR Western: Time for Western kitty finisher 9:44 LSCStealthNinja Kitty Finisher? 9:44 Dragonzeron

  • they jump into the air and the cats fly there ship into the dog mutant and then he starts to spark and then he falls down and explodes

9:44 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: YEAHH!! Sherlock: TAKE THAT YOU UGLY MUTANT DOG 9:44 Dragonzeron


9:45 LSCStealthNinja YEAHHHH!!!! Cat Clan wins!

  • this battle is now over*

9:46 Dragonzeron PR Western: thanks for helping us defeat this guy now we must return to fighting our enemies while you guys fight the cat clan 9:47 LSCStealthNinja Sherlock: Thanks for all your help Cat Clan: Bye!

  • flies off into the sunset* XD

Cat Clan wins this Battle! That was an awesome battle Whew 9:49 Dragonzeron

  • PR Western then sees a man in what looks like a gold spandex suit*

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