Gingey attacking

Gingey really attacking the shoelace

Gingey is Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000's cat. His code name is Nile. He is an Assassin. He will give you pain. Lots of it. He can be really calm and mellow at times, but he can go absolutely crazy at others, and by crazy I mean... crazy. He will easily make someone bleed, when he's crazy. But he's generally a nice, really cuddly, and lazy cat.

Facts Edit

  • His code name is Nile.
  • He is very stealthy.
  • He once jumped about 7 feet off the ground.
  • He is only 1 year old.
  • He is very skilled at catching rats, mice and birds.
  • He is named after his color.
  • He likes to rest on the family car.
  • He likes to attack shoelaces, if you haven't noticed :P.
  • He likes to patrol on the roof.

Gallery Edit