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Degrassi Wiki Edit

Problem with Wiki: Some wikians don't listen to me, Troy Lesson, when I talk to them on their talk page. They ignore my comments and pretend as if it wasn't there. They also "bash" on people who wikians think are cruel. For example:

Liam: My dad called me fat

Wikian #1: What a jerk!

Wikian #2: He's a lowlife. You're perfect.

The conversation above is one reason why I think the wiki is corrupt. They assume that the wikian who's complaining is perfect. As a matter of fact, they all think that they're perfect and that anyone that offends them (me for example) is terrible. Who knows if the wikian was "stretching the truth" or not about his situation?

Troy Lesson (talk) 02:30, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

Findings Edit

Well, the place needs some rules in chat. Also there not very nice to new users, they do ignore them, worry about themselves. Also, spamming and innapropiate discussion was going on and nothing was being done about it, except people were joining in on it. When I asked what they were talking about, the answers were "None of your beeswax." and "Personal Info ER...". After seeing GABRIELS PEENIS (x100), I said the place was strange, I was kicked and told I was "stupid and retarded, never come back." Just goes to show you that there only letting in people they know and want people they don't know gone. Long story short, it's nothing but a meeting club. Not a place where anyone can contribute. That is all, my verdict is that it's not worth it that you should leave, don't start anything up, just leave.