Minecraft Block
Minecraft is a computer game where everything is made of blocks. You can create whatever you want with your own blocks. You can mine, and find stuff, you can really do anything.

Version Edit

LSCStealthNinja Edit

LSCStealthNinja plays version 1.3.2

1999bug Edit

1999bug plays version 1.5.1

CzechMate Edit

CzechMate plays version 1.3.2


NuffSaid1995 plays version 1.3.2

Wikan Edit

Wikan plays version 1.3.2


LSCNuke plays version 1.3.2


Hunterkiller1440 plays Pocket Edition 6.1

News: NuffSaid1995Edit

Remember to update your minecraft 1.3.2 is OUT!

1.4 Rumors/Confirmed Shiz is: Zombies and mobs may be able to have armor like spiders with diamond pants. Frames, Wooden Buttons, and LOTS MORE oh wait did i mention THE WITHER BOSS.


Snapshot (Viewers Descretion is advised)

more Minecraft news is here:

News: 1999bug Edit

Check out the 1.4 snapshots! Updates every week!

  • 12w38a
    • Nether loads faster.
    • Water overlay is saturated more.
    • New sounds.
    • New mob (Bat).
    • New mob (Witch).
    • Silverfish spawning stone blocks are rarer, now.
    • Wood block rotation is being experimented with.
    • Pigs follow you while holding a carrot.

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LSCStealthNinja Edit

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Version 1.2.5 Edit

1999bug Edit

Random Adventures! Edit

Medieval World (Work in Progress) Edit

Bugtropica (Tropic/Jungle Homeworld)Edit

Bugtropica is my new official homeworld; I love it because I spawned on a beach with an absolutely huge jungle right off shore. It is so beautiful and the perfect seed for a home. =)

Sadly I keep sighting Herobrine (Scary as *censored*) when on tiny render distance; the jungle biome is very laggy and best preforms when the render distance is set on the smallest setting possible. Although Herobrine appears occasionally, I have not been attacked yet. This may be due to the fact that Bugtropica is a creative world. The strangest things I've noticed are disappearing torches and shrines to Herobrine randomly placed around the map.

Sadly, I lost all my work during an error in minecraft. Oh well.

Version 12w36a Edit

Version 12w37a Edit


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