Snow Leopard
The Snow Leopard is an ally with Cat Clan.

Description Edit

The Snow Leopard is a big cat primarily found in the mountains of southern and central Asia. Snow Leopards live between 9800 and 17,000 feet (3000-5500 meters) above sea level. However they are evasive by nature so exact numbers for this species is hard to determine.

Snow Leopards are approximately 6-7.5 feet (1.8-2.3m) in length 40-inch (1m) of which is tail. They weigh 77-120 lbs (35-55 kg). have a light colored coat with darker spots. Their fur is long, thick and warm. Their coloring can range from white with a faded yellow to white with a smoky grey, but they always share the same white underbelly. Their feet are large and padded with retractable claws. These things make it well suited to its snowy mountain home. In fact, Snow Leopard have many physical adaptations due to living in a cold environment. Their fur is thick to keep out the cold. Their feet are large to help them run in the snow. Their ears are smaller than other big cats to reduce heat loss. Their nasal cavity is larger which helps them breathe the cold winter air. And Their tails are long and strong to help them keep their balance as they run in the snowy mountains.

Snow Leopards like many big cats are solitary hunters. They prefer to attack from above. They are great jumpers. They often choose to chase their prey down steep mountainsides. They prey on large birds and mammals of all sizes. Snow Leopards are territorial. Their territories span 12 to 40 km. Though they will aggressively defend their territory from other predators, they are not as aggressive when they are approached by other Leopards.

Because of their reclusive nature it is hard to determine the average life span of a Snow Leopard. It is thought to be slightly longer than most big cats, at 15-18 years. There have been life spans of up to 21years in captivity. Mother Snow Leopards have 2 or three cubs per litter. The Mothers make rocky dens lined with their own soft thick fur. When they are three months old the cubs will follow their mothers on hunts. Their mother remains with them through their first winter. Then they are full grown Snow Leopards.