LEGO Avengers


Real Avengers

One of Marvel's biggest hits, The Avengers is a group of heroes that started as a comic, then soon had their own animated television show, and eventually a movie. The members are: Iron Man/ Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America/ Steven Rogers, Hulk/ Bruce Banner, Hawkeye/ Clinton Barton and Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff. They come from the movies Iron Man (Iron Man, Black Widow), Thor (Thor, Hawkeye), Captain America (Captain America) and The Incredible Hulk (Hulk/ Bruce Banner).

Televison ShowEdit

It is a show that is aired on some channels, and is quite and abnormal cartoon. It sort of looks like it's from a comic, which it is. They have colored suits that are used in the movie.


The movie is rated 'PG-13', and is a great action film. A sequel is planned to come out in 2014!